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Donate to earn server benefits!

  1 month = 1 x      (Mann. Co. Key) / 2 euros on PayPal.
  6 months = 5 x     (Mann. Co. Key) / 10 euros on PayPal [At 6 months, 1 month is free].
  1 year = 10 x      (Mann. Co. Key) / 20 euros on PayPal [At 12 months, 2 months are free].


 Send me a trade offer here [Click]: The benefits will be added to the sender account.
[Image: 76561198212175412.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
[Image: 76561198065588049.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

General Benefits (available on all servers)

VIP Menu via !vip command.
 Unusual effects on weapons (not hats).
 Colorize your character model in any color.
 Disco mode (changing colors on your model).
 [VIP] tag, colored chat and name and you can choose any color you want (there are 156 predefined colors in the !ccc menu).
 Robot skin via !robot command.
 AFK Kick Immunity.
 High Ping Kick Immunity.
 [VIP] Connect/Disconnect Messagge in chat.
 Reserved Slot on server [you must connect with connect dr/dm/ in console].
 Resize your head and hands or your entire character (available only on DeathRun).
 Respawn once at 5 minutes (available only on DeathRun).
 Auto Bhop (Lazy Bhop): You can activate this via vip menu and you will bhop by just holding space (available only on DeathRun).
 Build speed faster when you bhop: You can activate this via vip menu and you will get speed faster than other players [you won't get more speed anyway] (available only on DeathRun).
 75% chance of a good effect at RTD (available only on DeathRun & Jump Rush).
 You can play a sound on the server once at 10 sec (available only on DeathRun & Jump Rush).
 You can change your class outside the spawn (available only on DeathMatch & Jump Rush).
 You can swap your team everytime you want (available only on DeathMatch & Jump Rush).
 As an engineer, your metal regenerates 15 metal/5 sec (available only on DeathMatch & Jump Rush).
 You are immune to class limits (available only on DeathMatch & Jump Rush).

Side notes

★  We're not refunding people, except the situation when we have some serious problems with our servers which will probably not happen, because it never happened so far.
★  At the moment we haven't set up a VIP system on Versus Saxton Hale server.
★  Robots can't wear clothes and can't make taunts.
★  If you are on the server when you get the benefits you must rejoin.
★  If your tag doesn't show up first time, just type !ccc and change your tag color to anything (this will happen just first time when you get vip).
People who donated (50)
[Image: 76561198193290710.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

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[Image: 76561198165501946.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

[Image: 76561198246268776.png][Image: AddFriend.png]

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